Upcoming Events – Wiffle Ball Tournament

We’re finalizing our rules for Wiffle Ball and are looking to schedule a tournament this fall.  If you’re interested in putting together a 3 person team and think what you have what it takes, sign up for our Wiffle Ball reminder list and we’ll notify you when we scheudle a date.  Fun for families, kids, adults. No running, base hits only…more to come.


2015 Fall Ball Scheduling Completed

Fall Ball Baseball Scheduling was completed last night at the Brignole Community Center in Valley Park.  Approximately 79 teams are playing in the league so there’s plenty of competition and teams to play at every age group.

Kickball, Club Ball & Other Backyard Sports

The board has considered adding kickball and other sports to the list of MAA activities.  We would like to hear feedback from the public on adding non-traditional kids activities such as:

  1. Summer or Fall Sandlot Baseball League – For the many individual players and partial teams that couldn’t find a full team to participate in fall ball.  This league would combine multiple ages and could even be adult pitch, a possible solution for the kids so no one is left out.
  2. Kickball League:  This idea has been bounced around for years. Let me know if your son or daughter would have an interest in playing in a kickball league at MAA.
  3. Wiffle Ball League:  One more possible fun activity for kids.
  4. MAA Elite Club Teams:  This type of team would offered to parents that want their son or daughter to play ball at a higher level, with more structured team building and management including:  a planned summer of practices, league games, tournaments at a higher level of ball play.  Practices would be more structured and involve paid trainers for both indoor and outdoor practices.

If you have any additional ideas or feedback, please send comments my way.


Steve Scott

2015 Fall Ball Update

I am posting this to help clarify a few points related to fall ball.

  1. MAA registers only TEAMS for fall ball. Unfortunately we currently do not register individual players.  We do keep a list of individual players looking for teams and pass that information on to teams that need fill in players
    1. I will be adding a mail list for those looking for teams for 2016. Please add your name and player information when the list is live.
  2. For the 2015 Fall Season MAA teams will be playing against other SLCAA teams.  5 Home Games at MAA and 5 Away Games at other participating parks.
  3. Fee is $600 per team.
  4. Home schedule game dates/times have been released to teams and AWAY game scheduling takes place at Valley Park on Thursday evening 8/20 as previously communicated.